Wingedspur Farm.
24B Currier Rd, Candia, NH 03034

Fun-Filled Scout Programs & Horse Parties in Candia, New Hampshire

Give your young scout the opportunity to earn his/her many different badges in a unique and interesting way. Wingedspur Farm in Candia, New Hampshire, offers exciting overnight and daytime scout programs.

Day Program Instruction:

Grooming (Scouts Learn Proper Names & Uses for Tools)
Saddle & Bridle Skills (Scouts Learn Proper Placement & Leading/Turning Techniques)
Mounting & Dismounting
Steering & Stopping
One-Hour Trail Ride to Apply New Skills
Lunch/Snack on Picnic Tables in a Relaxing Pine Grove

Pony Parties

Creating lasting memories with horse parties at Wingedspur Farm. Our pony parties are held on the premises, and we supply the space, pony, and guide. Lessons are also available for older children.
The picnic area consists of a campfire with plenty of firewood and a gas grill to cook or roast marshmallows. There is also a large field for playing games. When the weather is cold or rainy, we take the festivities to a party room.